LH Bloom – Tweens and Teens

Who I Am and What I Love – That’s the story for our children’s in between years. These are the kids from about age 10 to age 16 who are blooming into the young adults they will become. They are witty, intelligent, creative, funny, awkward, and inquisitive. They are exploring who they are by trying new things – from new hobbies and activities to new styles and friends. They push the limits but still need our hugs and reassurance. It’s a time of dramatic changes in their lives!

You don’t want to forget this!

Introducing LH Bloom

The LH Bloom shoots focus on two ideas – Who I Am and What I Love.

We start with a free consultation where we talk about what this story means to you. How do you see your child? How does she see herself? What does she love? We keep it simple.

The session is about an hour long with a total of 3 outfits. The session fee is $180.00.

LH Bloom Model Program

This is a fun, year round program that includes free sessions, free online images, the opportunity to participate in our LH Bloom Model Shoots and more!

Click here to request more information about our LH Bloom Model Program.

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